Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A capsule of the last few weeks - and a test of some software

I'm testing out some blogging software.  What I had been using has now gone wonky and ??? if they will ever fix it.  But part of the scarcity of posts is lack of a decent tool.


But I digress....


So, We had fall bounce out close to the last time I posted.IMG 1075


A pause for an interesting sign.


IMG 1091

OK back on topic...

IMG 1104


IMG 1108


Then Monty got dressed up for Halloween.


IMG 1112



And the green bushes in the back finally decided it was fall.


IMG 1116


Then it turned cold and we started using the fireplace(s).

IMG 1118IMG 1120

And Thanksgiving came.  I failed miserably in documenting it so all I have is the morning after shot of the Big ass table (actually two end to end.  It's not so easy to see here but there was plenty of room for more table!

IMG 1131


And then Winter arrived.  On the 30 of Nov. we had a bit of the white stuff.


IMG 1133

IMG 1136


The stubby maple is still pretending it's fall but pretty much everything else has given up.

The recovered dining room.  Thetable in the back is what extended the main table for Tday.

IMG 1146IMG 1147

For those that know, we have everything in here we had in SF plus a trunk and the second table.  It's kind of mind boggling.

IMG 1148

The once red bushes a week or so later.

It's cold but we only have gotten light snow so you get some pretty interesting images like this one.


IMG 1151


And it's nippy enough in the back bedroom at night the the beast has no problem snugling up.


IMG 1154

well thats