Monday, October 10, 2011

The big questions

After the why did you move?, comes:

Did you move on a lark?

I HATE to move, so if it's a lark it's not mine.

Did you know how much it would cost to fix up the house?

Yes and no. It's coming in at almost exactly what I said it would but it's not exactly where I thought it would be spent. And we thought it would spread out over a number of years instead of whacking us all at the same time. O the flip side we will have very must do tasks left.

How can you stand the weather?

I kind of like it. We will have AC next summer so those few really nasty days will be livable, but most of it has been pretty nice. Of course we are heading into winter and that is going to be cold.But, and this is a big ?, so far I like that you have to change things around. You can't wear the same cloths, the same food doesn't really work, etc. It's a little like the Olympics. Was it was once every four years it was special and we all looked forward to it and planned around it, at least a little. Now that there is one every four years it's almost always happening or getting ready to happen... kind of boring. So I'm looking forward to winter because it will be loaded with things that can't be done in the summer. The Bay Area doesn't have a lot of seasonal change, there is some. But san Francisco has a lot less than the East Bay and it all mushestogether a bit. Now ask me in a year if I'm looking forward to winter and it might be a different take.

OK still no pictures but soon really.

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  1. Advice: Every 4+ years there is a terrible winter. Buy yourself a generator and an electric wall heater. Also if there is one of those storms, either bring the car battery inside or get a heater for it. Detroit winters are similar to Ithaca NY winters and can be NASTY. If you have boxwood bushes, remember to put burlap around them or else they can't handle the weight of the snow. Love the posts and wish that we lived closer but I ain't moving. xxxx