Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spring is springing - Global warming is a crock

I like the title, gets your attention and 1/2 are mad at me and 1/2 are finally!

Well it’s true, “Global Warming” (at least as most people think of it) is a crock.

The general impression is that “global warming” means we will get warmer weather. Actually while the globe may be warming YOUR weather could be doing just about anything. Our weather is just off and weird. Last winter was one of the coldest in history, at least since folks started keeping track. The summer had the “heat dome” and was one of the hottest on record. Now we had a super mild winter and late spring like temps in March! And the Rockies are getting truckloads of snow and freezing temps.

So though the Globe my be warming YMMD.

DSCN0104-2012-03-22-10-38.JPG We are track to be the warmest March on record.

Parts are nice. (for perspective hop back to my first posts from Detroit last year in April)


But come summer there are going to be a ton of bugs. Good thing we have a lot of bats!

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