Wednesday, July 6, 2011


So I'm hanging in the house behind the Masonic temple. I hear it features prominently (the temple not the house) in the second sequel to the da Vinci Code (Lost Symbol).

thats the view, the front is more impressive.

This is not a new disaster but the 4th fireworks as seen (and photoed badly by the phone) from the roof patio of this very cool house I'm staying in.

The phone cant deal with the contrast so it looks a bit like a pre vis of what some folks would like DC to look like.

THis is actually painted trim.

you can tell in this next shot

The kitchen has only one drawback. That huge refrigerator/ freezer in the center sounds as industrial as it looks. The stove burners are like a bunch of turkey friers. Those things get HOT FAST.

Next some shots from the venue

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