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Buy American...Where? How? I know why.

OK before you think I've gone off on another tangent let me say that there are about three posts in the works so I will catch up on the happs. And this does relate, but wait I digress.

First a question. What is the largest American own brewery? You can ponder that for now I will tell you later.

How it relates? Well one of our contractors, never thought I would know so many.... , was talking about how he tries to always buy American. Not having lived in the manufacturing heartland it was something that I kind of did but not so dedicatedly. Anyway he and his wife went in to buy a car and they had researched it and it was an american car actually made in america and when they got there it was pointed out that the colors had all changed a bit for the models because the paints come from Japan and deliveries had been affected by the disaster.

What? We buy paint from Japan because???

He also said he uses all Hilti tools. Nice stuff but when I looked
Hilti Corporation
Feldkircherstrasse 100
P.O. Box 333
9494 Schaan

Liechtenstein!? I thought they made stamps?

My point is that it's very hard to know what IS american made and what just seems to be american made. There are a lot of "american" companies who's products are actually made over seas. Porter Cable was/ is an "american" company but their tools are no longer made in america.

Or are they? Porter Cable is a division of Delta

In January, 2011, Taiwan-based Chang Type Industrial Co., Ltd. purchased the Delta brand from Stanley Black & Decker.1 Chang Type formed a wholly owned subsidiary, Delta Power Equipment Corp. to own the acquired assets including trademarks, designs and industrial tooling.2 Chang Type is moving Delta's production tooling from a Stanley Black & Decker owned facility in Jackson, Tennessee to a facility in Anderson County, South Carolina.3 Bryan Whiffen is President & Chief Executive Officer and Norm MacDonald is Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer of Chang Type's Delta Power Equipment Corp. subsidiary.4

BUT In this article on Black and Decker...

Black & Decker (the corporation) is distinct from "Black & Decker" the brand; the latter is used by more than one corporation. In particular, "Black & Decker"-branded household products in the Americas (but outside of Brazil) are marketed by a division of Applica, and a Florida-based corporation much smaller than Black & Decker Corporation. None of Black & Decker's power tools are manufactured in the United States of America any longer.

Brands include:
Delta Machinery (sold)
DeVibiss Air Power
Weiser Lock
Price Pfister
Emhart Teknologies
Oldham Blades
Black and Decker Firestorm

So it's just darn confusing since IF Porter-Cable is actually a division of Delta then it's a Chinese (not PRC) company that is making the products in the US, if not it's an "american" company making it's products outside the US.

Which is the more "american"? Personally I would have to go with the chinese company as being the more "buy american", and that is just plain weird.

OK back to the beer question.

Anheuser-Busch, right. I mean BUDWEISER, BUSH, MICHELOBE, BUD LIGHT. What can be more american.

Well, actually in 2008 they were bought by Brazilian-Belgian brewing company InBev.

OK so then it must be Miller, another American giant.

Hmmm, The Miller Brewing Company is an American beer brewing company owned by the United Kingdom-based SABMiller.

But there is more. On 1 July 2008 theMillerCoors company was formed as a joint venture with rival Molson Coors to consolidate the production and distribution of its products in the United States, with each parent company's corporate operations and international operations remaining separate and independent of the joint venture.

MillerCoors? MolsonCoors??? That just killed the other contender also.

But what is SAB?
Miller was acquired by South African Breweries from Philip Morris for $3.6 billion worth of stock and US$2 billion in debt to form SABMiller, with Philip Morris retaining a 36% ownership share and 24.99% voting rights.

OK so all the icons are owned by Brazilian, Belgian, Canadian, South African super conglomerates. Who is the largest american owned brewery?

Samuel Adams.

That small craft brewery in boston that was formed in 1984.

Samuel Adams is an American brand of beer brewed by the Boston Beer Company (NYSE: SAM) and its associated contract brewers. The company was founded in 1984 by Jim Koch, Harry M. Rubin, and Lorenzo Lamadrid in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. The brand name of Samuel Adams (often abbreviated to Sam Adams, even in advertisements), was chosen in honor of Samuel Adams, anAmerican patriot famous for his role in the American Revolution and Boston Tea Party. According to tradition, he was also a brewer.7

Following Anheuser-Busch's 2008 sale to InBev, the Boston Beer Company became the largest American-owned beer company in the United States.

Second largest and oldest is.
D. G. Yuengling & Son is the oldest operating brewing company in America, established in 1829. It is one of the largest breweries by volume in the country, and is the second largest American-owned brewery after the Boston Beer Company, makers of Sam Adamsbeer.8 Its headquarters are in Pottsville, Pennsylvania.9

So buy american, if you can figure out what that is.

Next time all Detroit All the time! Updates on the house, the Eastern Market and some demolition... oooo POWER TOOLS!

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