Sunday, August 21, 2011

Personal nukes are the answer!

WE have been going through a bit of hell with the heating system. The 50% loss of radiators has turned into closer to 100%. Add in some burst feed pipes and... Well the radiators have to go. Actually we can't even find them. That is the other twist. It looked like we would have to buy many new radiators. The catch is that the new ones are pressed metal ones from a german company that look nothing like traditional cast iron radiators. So as the cost skyrocketed we needed to make a decision.

So we went with what passes for renewable energy out here and we are installing a small personal reactor.

It's kind of a new thing and our electrician was a bit puzzled by how to hook it all up.

But he did figure it out. Turns out the lead in the water is great in the cooling loop and keeps the drinking water from glowing after dark. We did have to put in a tsunami wall (new US regulation) though there has yet to be a tsunami on the great lakes.

The little baby puts out 500KW so we don't have to worry about power and the heat coming off the core heats the house nicely. Of course right now it's still pretty warm so we are using some of the juice to power a big ass AC unit in the basement. Every few years we have to change fuel rods but they say you can do it with work gloves if you move fast and it's legal for individuals to simply put the used rods in the trash!

So it looks like we are set for awhile. The big test is Tue. We flip the switch and it either works or we burn a two block whole in Detroit.

I have to go now and get a cowboy hat and practice my Slim Pickens impersonations.


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