Friday, May 4, 2012

Netflix or Amazon Prime

I don’t know how many films Netflix has for streaming but it’s a LOT, many thousands anyway.

Well I read something about Amazon Prime having fewer but still a lot of films. And it offers other perks so I though I would give it a try. Netflix is not super cheap and I don’t watch that many films so...

Well it may be true that Prime has a good number of films available but most (by far) cost extra to watch!

Some visual aids.

So here is I assume what’s available. It’s a bit misleading since a lot of “titles” are actually behind the scenes and trailers.. but still almost a million


BUT what you can watch with our extra charges is drumroll less than a thousand and a LOT of those are trailers and such.


Now there is this ??? category that doesn’t look to bad but the difference is that it lists any film that yu have to buy but can get free shipping on.


And if your looking for free streaming here it’s ridiculous. But I also think it’s probably meanigless.


So as far as I can tell, and I did try this out for a month, Prime gets you around 700 streaming titles of which maybe 3/4 are actual shows (some are TV shows so maybe less than 1/2 are actual films). Netflix gets you more than the total that Amazon offers including the ones you would have to pay to rent (on top of membership).

Bottom line IF Prime makes sense for you with out the streaming go for it and the few films available are gravy. If you are looking for an alternative to Netflix Prime is not even a distant compeditor.

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