Saturday, May 21, 2011

The house crawls on but the Eastern Market saves the post

OK so the bad news. I tried to take a bath in the "newly working" "blue" bathroom and all was well till I tried to empty the tub, which just would not drain. So I got a plunger and got that baby going. Great.... except that uncovered a leak in the drain someplace because it was dripping in the entryway! GRRRGRAHGRRRR!!!! So that has to be opened up farther to find where the "new" leak is coming from. I went and got a shower curtain because I though better test that while were ripping things up. But I forgot the rings! So maybe later I'll go and see if I can get some. I'm a bit dubious about the shower looking at some of the "repair" that was done to the tiles but better find out now. Probably won't fix it now if it's a problem just because of the logistics?

I bought a lawn mower the other day. Doesn't sound exciting but it's actually the first lawn mower I have ever owned. If you told me a year ago that I would spend more than a nanosecond in the rest of my life thinking about Lawn Care I would have laughed in your face. It's a gas powered beast with drive wheels, huiour! (Tim Allen moment). I resisted but this is a BIG place with a lot of lawn and it was/is growing like it's been radiated. Even with the monster it took two hours to do it all. The last lawn mower I used I was in high school and it was cast iron and wood. It was probably about the same vintage as the Model T's that made Detroit famous. If there was any resistance it just slid across the grass.

Anyway considering that today the dandelions were about six inches tall (in less than 24 hours) I'm guessing I'm going to get good at cutting lawn.

But the saving grace of the week is the Eastern Market. I read someplace this week that food is becoming a big thing in Detroit. It would be very ironic if I moved from the last new big food place to the next new big food place. Maybe that is what I need to get into?

So this is this weeks haul. $20 in food and $10.75 in plants

Organic Tomatoes, $3 a box

Bell peppers 3 for $1, green onion 2 for $1

Georgia peaches, $2 a basket. Don't know the weight but this is a basket.

Cheery peppers and limes, $3 a basket and 4 for $2

Cucumbers $1 a basket

Raspberries, 3 baskets $2

Lemon bars $1 each (about 3" square

And the splurge. Rosemary $7 for the pot and Basil $1.25 a piece.

I'll have to try and keep the later ones alive. But I'm making Gazpacho this afternoon.

And berries for desert.

I may have to make pasta sauce for tomorrow.

The one thing about most of this produce is that it's ripe. So keeping it a week is about as far as you can stretch it. Some things hold up better than others but the berries are not going to last and the tomatoes... So you kind of have to plan your meals around the shelf life.

I need to find a mid week shop, though the Eastern Market is going to start happening Tue. also so?

The reason is that there aren't any real food stores I have found. One can go to Grose Point and hit the Trader Joe's but remember my $1 strawberries, they are $2.75 at TJ's.

So while in the Bay Area TJ's was often around the same as the Farmers market here the Market is THE discount place to buy produce. Actually not just produce there are farms selling meat and eggs, bakeries selling all kinds of stuff and the local Coffee Roaster has a stand.

I also have not found an asian market yet, though Hamtramck probably has one. TJ did have Ginger but things like sweet pepper sauce and toasted sesame oil may be things we need to get in care packages from SF.

off to cook.

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