Monday, May 9, 2011

Stunning restriction

A question came up and I checked. So non lethal weapons are illegal in Michigan.

Well it's a bit in flux since a judge has stated that stun guns fall under the same category as real guns so it's unconstitutional to ban one while allowing the other. So now it's off to higher courts.

Hey I'm from California so totally nonsensical laws are not a stranger. I just figured that maybe Michigan would be less whacko than CA, and it is a bit but not always.

While were on the topic of weirdness.

Some asked about the title of the blog.

One interesting thing I came across in the move is the different "types" of residents. There are those who don't really like where they are and are shocked that someone would move there. There are those that love where they are and cant imagine anyone moving away from there. And there are those that are in love with some other place, they don't think there place is so bad but they really want to live XYZ. And there are those that think XYZ is a terrible place and nobody should want to live there.

The interesting part is that the later two groups have generally never lived or spent much time in the place they are focused on. Most folks who have a big problem with Detroit have never lived there, some have never even visited. By the same token I found a number infatuated with the Bay Area who had either never been there or had dropped in for a day or two.

I found a bunch of reactions to the move. Folks in Detroit mostly seemed to be big boosters though there were some that had a big love of the Bay Area. And I ran in to a lot in the Bay Area that were "how could you live anywhere else?". And strange as it seems a few from the Bay Area that were very excited about Detroit in general. Basically all the folks who actually live where they talk about are right and the others are a bit delusional. It's all a mater of perspective and comfort level. If you don't like "Urban" you wont like Detroit, but you probably wont like San Francisco either. If you love "Urban" then both have a lot going for them. Both have a lot of "culture" and plenty of things to do. Both have some really good food (the Bay area may have an edge), both have a rich musical heritage and active scene (but Detroit probably has the edge). They both have a colorful history, loaded with hard work and flamboyant crooks.

The biggest differences in a lot of ways is that Detroit was built on Industry (and that has taken a possibly fatal plunge), and the big money in the bay Area has managed to move into .com and BioTech. (they have had busts but not as long and not as sustained). But Michigan could get on the right new wave and CA could miss a step and the situation could flip fast.

So there were a lot of prospective titles and a bunch had to do with leaving a "perfect" place to go elsewhere. But I have never subscribed to the Bay Area being the "end all" maybe because I grew up there. Yes I like it but it has problems also, it is far from perfect. And then there is this (also very incorrect) perception of the Bay Area as some kind of decadent Sodom and Gamora. But a term that has been used by both is "Babylon by the Bay". Those who think California is the epitome of evil and the San Francisco Bay Area as the epicenter and those that feel it is how everywhere should be have both used the term. So I thought it was appropriate. "Bug'n out" is actually a term I heard on M.A.S.H. It's a military term for pulling up stakes and moving camp on short notice. Hence Bug'n out of Babylon.

So to the point. The Bay Area is not the "end all", neither is Detroit. Both have things going for them and both have issues. What they have in common are some fantastic people who love their Cities.

I though I would also mention politics. It will come up now and again because it's a blog about my move and the MY part is somewhat political. In case you were trying to figure it out I'm kind of in the middle, well the old middle. The new middle has William F. Buckley as a lefty. Mostly I support integrity and neither party has a lock on that (nor generally a lot to spare). I have a lot of respect for folks with integrity whether or not I agree with their politics. I would rather have an honest person who I disagree with in office than a dishonest one who says everything I want to hear.

So both parties hate me, I'm very hard to "campaign" to. Anyway I though I would mention that because some have been confused. The blog is about life and sometimes politics comes in and messes with life so a bit here and there is going to leak in. I Hate misinformation so I generally hate all "political" messages. And that confuses people no end. I dislike the misinformation by the left as much as I dislike it from the right. I was brought up to believe that the End NEVER justifies the means and I try to use that yardstick.

My mother had what she called "the rump test" for entertainment (if you started squirming in your seat they blew it.

I have the "used car test". Would I feel safe buying a used car from whoever is trying to sell me XYZ. If you try that out on most politicians ..., well most don't fair too well.

But the IMPORTANT NEWS is that I may have real actual running water tomorow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After a fair amount of wall and ceiling punctures and stress and words I can't put in the blog it looks like the piles have made it to the third floor!

Sorry for all the !!! but it's been three weeks with out running water and well it IS a BIG DEAL!

Heat is the next hurtle. Not that we are going to need heat but we need for all the water bearing pipes to be checked and signed off on.

Then I can start to unpack and fix up, etc.

I look forward to the shift from camping in the house to living in the house.

Sorry no pictures. Next time.



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