Thursday, May 5, 2011

Actual progress and the fall of Legal Tender

Well after lots of adventure I finally got all the paperwork out of the way and we will get a garbage can soon! The city it turns out doesn't accept cash, or checks, or credit cards, or debit cards. They want Money orders or cashiers checks only!?

Now how a government office can not accept something the clearly states "Legal tender for all debts public and private" issued by the feds I don't know. But similar restrictions have been upheld in other states. I was all fired up to fight city hall but others had beaten me to it and (fire up the Reggae beat) they "fought the law and the law won". So I had to go get a money order for first time since I was a little kid ordering smoke bombs and "X-RAY" glasses from the back cover of comic books.

So "legal tender" isn't any more in this country. Kind of interesting since this is exactly the kind of issue that the civil war was fought over. The "free the slaves" was a nice after the fact PR move but states rights VS the Feds power was what the war was fought over. And now after all these years we have cities that won't accept federal currency for debts. It might seem like a small thing but there are a lot of small things and one has to wonder if they will end up making one big thing.

Same sex marriage is another "small thing". From a legal stand point marriage is just another contract. Part of being one of the United States is that all states have to honor other states contracts. If this were not true interstate commerce would cease to exist since crossing a state line would mean the ownership of the cargo was void. But if your gay and you get legally married in one state other states don't recognize that "contract". Legally they should not have a choice.

It's a direction that I have noticed for some time and it worries me a bit since the last time there was this split with state interests VS the Fed it didn't turn out so well for anyone.

OK back on point!

I got the gate fixed so no more bungee cords!!!Plumbers arrive at 7am Mon. and actual hot and cold running water should be on the menu by Wed

I have camped in the Sierras and I have camped in a house, the mountains win.

And heat. They also show up Mon. at 7am but it will probably take a week or two to get it all up and running.

Then we can start to really dry out the place and start setting up and fixing up.

Oh and spring has sprung. The trees were all bare and then I went out and boom, they were all covered in new growth.


the 24th


the 28th

I don't have a current shot but I'll walk the dog and bring some back. There are cherry trees in bloom and it's looking quite lush at the moment.

this is of course a flip from California where it's green in the winter and spring is OK but summer tends to be fairly brown.

Oh and the air mattress, in my campsite sprung a leak the other day.

Le dog who loves to sleep on it.


worked very hard to stay on the sinking ship.


but finally had to bail and head off to his own bed.


I found the hole and the patch seems to be holding. A new "real" mattress arrives Fri. so not too long to hold out.

Oh and we got the garage doors all working. One more step until we can really "move in" as opposed to "camp out".

And it looks like I'm going to have to do yard work, actual yard kind of work like mowing lawn and doing whatever else you do to keep it green and not a back lot.

OK back to the trenches

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