Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Ugly, The Bad, and the Good

So we started with a few select holes, easy to patch.

But then the second bathroom had burst pipes and well more surgery was needed.

Just add water, raining down and...

You have the after shot. Well we had moped up the water by now.

Doesn't look so bad but it's running down from the floor above and this is actual plaster work so it's going to need repair probably once it finally dries out.

Ah and for those of you from the Bay Area this is what a burst copper pipe looks like.

Another one

And more. Except this one is going to the radiator in the bathroom so we are just leaving this for the heating folks to replace.

You can see the bulge at the top.

and another one on the left pipe.
Basically these pipes (both hot and cold) had bursts every foot or so. They tried to patch repair but it became obvious (after they ripped open more of the celling that is was futile. So the whole bathroom will need to be re-plumbed.

More openings. In this one you can look down to the first floor passed the burst plumbing.

This is actually more good than bad. A clean hole with the new plumbing to the third floor. Neat and tidy and no leaks!

THis hole that was not used much for the third floor turns out to be nec. for the second floor.

OK enough Bad and Ugly.

Despite the holes, it really only affects two rooms and two closets.

Actually after these shots we found that a sewer line we though was only cracked in the basement is actually split much higher up and we will be opening up the wall and celling of the entry way. But still considering two bathrooms with burst pipes and a third with a split sewer pipe not nearly the deconstruction that might have been needed.

Of course we haven't touched the heating yet and that is all water also...

The trees are all "a bloom"

The dog is happy, when there isn't any thunder.

We have squirrels

WE have actual garbage collection happening (with the biggest can I have ever seen (96 gal.)).

We had a visitor to the deck.

It's "Flower day" weekend (Sun. is the official day)

These are part of one section. There are six sheds I think and for the weekend it spreads out into the street. There were two bandstands going while I was there, quite a few BBQ pits fired up and a ton of people.

The food stalls were kind of skimpy because they were pushed out by all the flower and herb vendors, but it's still impressive what you can pick up for under $20, including but not shown a smoked ham bone for you know who. I got carried away with the lemon bar and brownies but they forced them on me for $1 a piece. Strawberries $1/ lbs, black berries two baskets for $3. Most stuff is sold by volume not weight so it's hard to say what the $/lbs is on many things but I do know that these prices are very good. What is a little weird is that some of this stuff isn't in season here yet so it's coming from other places. The strawberries for instance are from California. So how is it that they are cheaper here than in CA? It's a puzzlement.

Cheers from D

Oh and another positive. I have one fully functional bathroom and have hot water, so bathing isn't a once a week luxury any more!

We are finally getting out of the "camping" and into the "living" stage.

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