Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Seatle but with more rain

I think we have been victims of bate and Switch!

So after a touch of spring weather we got a bunch of rain and are back to near freezing temperatures (40's but feels like 30's). It's been almost a week since I saw any real sun, I could be living in the Sunset!!!!

However I need to mow the lawn soon. It got nice and green, then had some dandelions and something small and blue scattered about and then boom it looks like an abandoned lot. That was way too fast. I though I had some time but I guess not.

On the generally depressing front, more destruction.


A little roadrash.


The entrance way with the old bad sewer line exposed. Aside from the crack in the basement it also had cracks in the upper section and the elbow was all caved in. This wasn't freeze damage but a problem that someone tried to cover up and forget about back when they were trying to sell the house when the market was up.


The newly expanded openings in the "Parlor" room to try and get to the last bathroom that needs re plumbing.




OPening this up they discovered that the sewer line elbow is collapsed like the entryway.

So time to open up the Kitchen!


Darn there is a cabinet in the way. Well a bit of deconstruction and some yanking and it gets separated from the wall. and surgery can start on the wall.


Well looky here. They had a problem and replaced pipe, well at least till it got complicated. Then buried it and left it for the new owners to figure out.Of interest in the first one is that they did something you "can't do" and that is stick a plastic pipe into a cast iron bell fitting. There is just no way to truly seal that mess. But heck it was easier.


On the it's getting better front.


The new front sewer line in the entrance and in the basement.So now with some internal toilet repairs we should have three working bathrooms. Though #1 is actually out of commission again because it feeds the same sewer pipe that we just found broken in the kitchen. It's still usable since it doesn't actually go through the broken pipe but why take chances.



And looking up into the kitchen from the basement.

But the warm room is still warm and we have running water.And I finally have real internet service.

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