Sunday, May 29, 2011

Plumbers gone and the Eastern Market

So the Plumbers finally wrapped up. And then I found another leaking sewer pipe. It's a little leak and it's on the sewer from the bathroom that hasn't been used... So I will investigate and see how bad it looks, maybe we can just patch it. Otherwise I think it means ripping up two bathrooms to get to everything that needs getting to. This is also another case of the previous bozos (see how I'm keeping this PG) cheaping out. They redid the bathroom in question. They had it all exposed and should have replaced the 100 year old sewer line that BTW showed signs of leaking. They knew that because they patched the ceiling where it had been leaking!

Anyway I have a small list of things to do and then all the bathrooms will be 100%, not counting this sewer line that may need to get replaced.

But as always the Eastern Market shined up the week.

Next weekend is this house and garden tour through Indian Village so I got some flowers to liven up the front. I could let people in as a "before" experience ;~) I don't think it's quite the image they want to convey.

So stuck them around the tree (that I now suspect may be an almond tree).

And around the front shrubs.
I have a very brown thumb so I kind of doubt they will last much beyond next weekend but? Maybe Aislinn will arrive in time to save them.

Ho right prices, they were $8 a flat. So about like buying cut flowers for the day.

Also got a bunch more herbs. I like plants I can eat. Actually there are some tomatoes and a bunch of peppers in there also.
$20 a flat

Potatoes and Garlic. $1 each I think. Maybe $2 for the spuds?

Peaches $2

In the back is a mix of honey tangerines and Oranges $4 for the lot. To the left are those cherry peppers that are just a bit hot but oh so tasty $2 and the jar is an extravagance. I read about these brothers that make pickles from their grandfathers recipe. They both have other jobs because this is a small company. Anyway the Eastern market is one of the few places outside a restaurant you can buy them. Wow. I like pickles but I'm not fanatic about it but these are GREAT. I think it was $7, so it definitely won't be a regular thing.

Carrots and some more of that great "German Bacon" and some Italian sausage from the same farm. Your literally buying from the people who raised the hogs. I think $2, $3.75, $3.50 respectfully. The meat was about a pound and that was the per pount price.

Carrots and onions. Yes I know I already bought carrots but the dog goes through them and these were $1 a basket so... The onions were also $1.

One note about yard work. One should always do it in 70/70 weather, it cleans the pores. And you should always plant a lot of grass around old trees. That way all those twigs are in a good location for mowing.

The tree in front sheds more twigs than??? I filled three yard bags with stuff that fell off that tree and that does not include the big sticks that I save so Monty can turn them into wood chips.

Well I'm off to take a shower, cuz I can!

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