Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Toilets, toilets, everywhere and not a place to sit

You though I was going to go for it didn't you. Well I try to keep this fairly PG. Inspections and pipes and leaks... We have four full bathrooms and not a working toilet in sight. Or bath or sink etc. I'm beginning to think fondly of outhouses and hand pumps. And really with a lead water main how much worse could the well water be? Actually a whole lot worse so we won't go there.

Anyway Plumbers are on the way.

I just hope they don't get swept away in the storms. We had a Tornado watch last night till 10pm, my first!

No joy though, or actually lots of joy no tornado.

Apparently the ones that were coming our way were particularly fun. Big long tornado followed by lightening thunder torrential rain and golf ball sized hail. Now that is FUN.

We just had the lightening and thunder and torrential rain (though not nearly as torrential as the folks to the south) and some howling wind. Only lost a few small tree parts. The beast has been looking for someplace to dig into and hide from it all. Downstairs in a cave of boxes seems to be the best he can do. He left the room with a look at me that said "only a fool stays above ground in weather like this!". And with a "so long sucka" he trotted off to find a cave.

I need to see if I can dig out the recorder because we are getting some nice wind and hardly anybody is out making noise.

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