Monday, April 25, 2011

At the whims of WiFi mooching

Till I get Comcast out to actually get a real internet feed to the campsite, I'll call it a house once some basics finally get working - like indoor plumbing, I'm "dependent on the kindness of strangers" (though I Blanch to say so).

So postings are erratic as is email and all things web related. Ironically the 3GS which in a lot of ways I like a lot less than the original iPhone seems to find WiFi just about everywhere. Now is Apple would put some SPAM filtering on the mobile mail so it was of any use!

For some reason the 3GS has the same problem with cases and the proximity sensor, you don't get the screen back when it comes away from your face (till to take it out of the case). But has added some new twists. The touch screen is now very sensitive and is active even when the proximity sensor says you have it up to your head??? The result is that I am forever hitting MUTE or pause (what the heck is that???) when I use it like a phone. Obviously the testing was done almost exclusively with ear buds or bluetooth. You can use it with out a case but it's like holding an ice cube, very slippery, so that isn't very recommended. I just can't figure out where the logic is in killing the display but leaving it activeHowever it apparently has a much better Wifi antenna that a MBP, so there ya go.

The other day we had SUN! and I was pleased to see the weather was better than the Bay Area.


But it didn't last and we are now back to grey chilly and wet.

But Sunday, Easter, I saw my first Cardinal, the bird not the guy in a funny hat. The Bay Area has a lot of colorful things but the birds are generally Black to gray to dirty white (crow, pigeon, seagull respectively). So the blazing red of the Cardinal was quite a nice surprise. We actually saw three yesterday!

I forgot to mention that the other day I went to the last meeting for the season of "Open City - Detroit". It's a sort of group of small businesses or want to be small business. It was good but they met at Cliff Bell's and that was very cool.

And I found out that the symphony is selling tickets for $20!

Now if I can just get a working toilet life will be looking up.

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