Friday, April 22, 2011

Some interesting views of this city

This is a "making of" on a a music video. Since it's youTube you can see the music video also but the making of is more informative.

This is another one with a different twist.

WE are not in quite such a heavy rebuild, but turns out there are some burst pipes so ... First the roof before the forecast 4-5 inches of rain in the next 9 days or so and then I NEED to get some indoor plumbing working!


AS for us we had a sunny day yesterday so the beast was happy.

And I got to clear out the vines that lived on the roof of the garage till the winds brought them down.


Once we get another dry day I can get all the rest of the junk off the roof.

Our contractor cleared a bunch off the main roof when he took a look at the wind damage. So it's better but we need to get it patched ASAP.


I'll be moving a bunch of stuff around because we are going to have to open some walls and ceilings tracking down the burst pipes.

So much for the assumption that the place was winterized in time!

Not sure if this is a bad cleaning job or there was a bit of a water fall


You only really see it with the light skimming it so?

However there are some other signs of water or age.


This is the same wall from a different angle and you can see where the plaster has puffed out.

It might just be age and the sad fact that it's been empty for a couple of years so has had some big temp swings. And the idiots who had it last did a lot of stupid things to the house. They were apparently hot on "doing it themselves". I'm not opposed to that since I intend to do a lot of the work my self. BUT you should have at least some basic knowledge of what your trying to do and these doofuses as far as I can tell didn't know a screw from a nail. So everything they touched one needs to recheck. Subtle things like they disconnected the ground to the house, connected copper to steel pipe with out dielectric unions, nailed and screwed things into plaster walls. Just a heads up to all you would-be fixer-uppers, plaster has pretty much zero strength. You NEED to go into wood or something structural or it will all come down the minute it has weight and a wiggle. One thing the had up with two aluminum roofing nails, it came off when I touched it. This closet "improvement" didn't fair much better.



As you can see 1/4" of sheetrock screw into old plaster is falls a little below building standards.

But now I'm getting into a new branch. The This Old Detroit House, think PBS will pick us up?

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