Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Foghorns in the moonlight, playing for you all night

OK, it's a steal of sorts from a song, but can you name it???

So I heard them last night but they were really going this morning. But it's not SF???? Well Det. is on the river and we have some heavy fog right now so... No buoy bells though.

The goal is to get the house looked over by someone who will spot problems that we haven't caught. Get an actual time for a plumber to look at/ fix at least the kitchen and one bathroom. Get a firm time from Comcast and get a garbage can.

Now since the city "inspected" and declared the house "habitable" you might be wondering why there are so many basics that are not working. Me too. Though it was explained to me that since municipal inspectors are not liable for anything they say they will often say whatever is easiest. There is probably a lot of push to declare anything that anybody is talking about inhabiting "habitable". And how are you going to tax an uninhabitable house?

Hey another fun fact. Michigan is a "right to carry" state so basically unless they can prove you shouldn't have a gun you can buy one. You need a permit to buy a hand gun but rifles and shotguns are free of even that.

Concealed weapons are a different matter, you have to not be a convicted felon and pass a safety test with a score over 70%.

Well I need to get packin ;~)

BTW "Tuba's in the Moonlight" - Bonzo Bog Band

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