Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Boxes, boxes everywhere and not a place to sit

So I have made a dent but...
Not enough to brag about

So I will be digging out of this for some time...

Water is connected. Tomorrow a Bath??? Monty hopes so.

We can't just turn it on because there is no telling if and where there may be burst pipes so we need to do it slowly and check for leaks.

Another "surprise" is that our water main is made of ... lead.

That is apparently common in these old houses.

That filter on the drinking water just moved up a notch. There probably isn't much that can be leached out of the pipes after 102 years but maybe I'll just not find out.

I went to a meeting of Open City Detroit. It's a group of small business and start up entrepreneurs. It was interesting, and one of the main folks it turns out lives in our hood! And it looks like Meg White apparently throws some very nice parties. So goodies on the horizon. Also maybe tomorrow I can get to the post office and pick up a goodie package from SF!

and so long from the big D.

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