Friday, April 8, 2011

Death and moving

Nice title eh!

Well I've decided that packing is like facing death. In both cases you see your life pass before your eyes.

OK it's not really your life. But that chatchky (I'm sure I misspelled that but...) you have stashed is important why? Because it represents a moment in your life you wanted to hold on to. So in a real sense it's your life, or the parts that are important, passing before our eyes. But with packing you have to decide if they are worth the move. I'm assuming death is more socialistic and anything goes. But I have a truck and it only holds so much. So every memory has to be assigned a value and only those of the most value make the cut.

It's grueling.

But it goes on. So the truck is mostly packed, I'll add a picture but it was too dark when I though of it. And there is a lot I'm leaving behind. Granted I figure we have another truck load to go so most is just temporarily left behind but still...

BTW if you want to see the last work done in the old studio it's on YouTube.

If you look for The Monkeybutts there are a few clips from my mixing of a couple of their songs. It was a fun way to end the "era". Actually the project before was also "classic". Fist to Fist. It should be out on DVD soon and if you like Jackie Chan flicks then you should check it out.

I only did some post work for the DVD release, but I would love to work with the director again. Very good film at a supper low budget workflow. It wanted to have done the post after looking at it, maybe next time. Definitely worth a netflix.

I guess this means I have died in SF and will be reborn in D. Nawww. I grew up in Oakland. SF is a wimpy alternative. Wait I have to say it GO GIANTS!!!!! World Champs!!!!!!!

whew, got that out of my system. BUT the Tigers are AL........ Not real Baseball but I should be able to root for SF And D with really very little conflict.

OK so I'm not dead and I am moving. If death is this painful it's not worth it. At least this time through memory lane you can still edit.

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