Monday, April 4, 2011

Motown, or, Go MidWeast Young Man - arc 9-4-10

---So this is one of a series of posts I started in another blog that sets up this move to the Big D---

So the house has a sitter, the dog has a sitter and in a few hours we go off to Motown to see the lay of the land. It's going to be interesting. Certainly the incentives are there for filming so there should be some work,? But that would be production work. I could get into building things again but I would be competing with kids young enough to well be my kids. So I'm not sure how smart a job move that would be. Post is something the big D wants to add to it's roster but there are not a lot of post houses now so??? As always the union hall in film is not a hiring hall so your on your own to find the work and they point you at the film office. And of course the Film Office is all about the films being made and has very little info on the post facilities in the area. I found some and have a bunch of emails out.

The BIG Motown questions are.
Is it the "armpit" that some folks have called it. Most worrisome is that most of the "pit" folks are from the area. Or is it a bad rep based on a sorted history. It's not traditionally a harmonious town. They have had three race riots big enough to be in their history books and the first was in the early 1800's!!! But it's been relatively quiet for the last forty years or so.

AND is there any real work (for people moving in) in the film biz???

Those are the burning questions. The weather isn't too bad. They are shooting a lot of films. Housing, or rather buying a house, is dirt cheap. Despite the "murder capitol" award, the crime rate is about the same as Oakland. That isn't saying much but I lived in Oakland a long time and the rate may be high but it is a pretty isolated thing. IF you hang out in the "bad areas" you have a good chance of getting in harms way. If your not hanging out in the "bad areas" you are about as safe as you are in any other big city. I suspect the big D has some areas your not wise to loiter in.

The "Pit" question has many sides. Can one get a decent cup of coffee? Is there any fresh produce to be had? Is everyone hiding behind doors after dark? Can you get a meal in a restaurant with out gravy? I figure local wine is not much that is drinkable but is the beer good? Micro brews? They have a homebrew store so that is a good sign.

Some folks have gotten worked up over the racial makeup (70%+ black) but I worked for a theatre where there were only three of us that were not black and the numbers don't really tell you much. Social background and how relaxed people are has a LOT to do with it. I don't mind being a minority. I'm nearsighted, mostly Danish, and generally weird. I'm always in a minority. It's much more important how people deal with each other than who has the bigger numbers. So it could be a problem or not. You just don't know till you go and see. I don't want to live in a place where it is a problem whoever is in the "lead". I am uncomfortable where it's all (or close) white. I grew up with a lot of diversity and it bugs me when the atmosphere is to polarized. So this is a biggie for me. I don't care who's running the show as long as anyone can play.

And of course none of it makes any difference if there isn't an abundance of work.

I can see moving and I can see staying put so it will be an interesting trip.

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