Saturday, April 16, 2011

The big D at last...


So Monty's final Motel6 stay

The cargo seems mostly intact


Something I was not sure of considering the various road conditions (Illinois and Indiana I will single out for truly horrendously bad road maintenance, With all respect to Illinois, Indiana takes the cake for charging me for the worst roads I traveled on).

I checked off the "avoid toll roads" on the GPS and it send me a few blocks north into Michigan...

The rural back roads highways in Michigan put the best I saw in Indiana to shame. And "Road construction" meant the shoulder was not available as opposed to the Illinois version which is semi's playing chicken on a two lane stretch with a paint line separating the opposing traffic.

We finally pulled in around 1pm. With a lot of help from our contractor and a guy he brought in we managed to unload the truck by night fall. Good thing because it's been raining ever since.

Today I returned the truck. A bit more involved than it sounds since I had to reattach my car and the tow dolly (need to get back from the truck rental in a town with virtually no public transit) and then find some place I could fill up the yellow whale (Pensky charges $8/ gal to refuel - they really don't want you to bring it back less than full).

But all went well even if it took longer than expected. I then went straight to the Russell street Grill for breakfast(in the afternoon) and some produce shopping at the Eastern Market.

There is a lot more to do but at least none of it involves a 26ft truck towing a car and a dog who doesn't like trucks.

So long for now.



  1. Welcome to Michigan. Saw your post on DVX user. Metro Detroit has some nice areas, Detroit has small pockets of decent areas. Can't compare to the variety of California. If you get a chance, you should go to Northern Michigan (lower peninsula) or the west coast for a weekend.

    I am a student at Specs Howard so I'm getting into the biz. Grace and Wild studios has the largest sound stage this side of the Mississippi River so depending on what you will be doing, you might end up there at some point. Hopefully our governor will not kill the tax incentives before the industry can take off here. Good luck and welcome. Mike

  2. Mike,

    Thanks. You didn't leave an email so drop me a line and we can have a beer. You can do that on DVXUser if not here.