Monday, April 4, 2011

Wellcome to the Big D - arc 9-7-10

---So this is one of a series of posts I started in another blog that sets up this move to the Big D---

Detroit, a town who's motto is "we're cheap, and we're easy".
So we arrived and stayed near the airport. Because of the schedule we got pretty much no sleep in 24 hours before coming in so close seemed like a good idea. Looking for food, they take the Labor day weekend seriously here, we could find only one place open. A Lebanese restaurant with the dubious name of "Beirut Cafe". It is in a small strip mall across from the airport. Well it was a pleasant surprise. Very good. I would say one of the best "middle eastern" restaurants I've eaten at. Very fresh and interesting. then we went back to the motel and crashed.

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