Monday, April 11, 2011

Welcome to Winamucka

So Monty and I finally made it out of the City, and the state! in a big old truck. No video, and there might not ever be since handling the truck is a very full time job and I don't know where I could prop it up and get anything interesting. But ???

So the route is


and todays part is


I made it to a Motel 6 and the dog is snoring at my feet right now. It was a hard day for him, he's not a truck dog. But he did seem to like to watch the world go by out the window.


Two things came up today that were kind of surprises.First a lot of I80 is in bad shape, there were times I though I was on a pogo stick. The worst is some patches in Nevada where I think some shady contractor used cheap cement because the slabs seem to dip in the center so you end up hitting very regular ridges. At certain speeds it gets awful. I ended up down around 35-40 to keep from bouncing off the road.

The other thing is that although the truck is heavy it is also tall and is pretty much always like driving a VW buss over the bay bridge with gusty wind. You have a lot less "extra" lane with the truck and with the buffeting you are constantly correcting your course. And since you can't see the line you need to rely on the side view mirror. If you can see the line next to the rear wheels your not over it.

OK parting shots.


Da Truck on the Lincoln Highway bridge rails


Leaving the City


Monty's smiling because Donner pass is open and I wont have to eat him.

Well that's it. If I have internet tomorrow I will do another installment-30-

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